Brenda Prinzavalli

Productivity! Making the Most of Your Time and Effort

A former educator, trainer and consultant in the field of education, Brenda Prinzavalli is the founder and owner of Balanced Organizing Solutions, LLC, a unique organizing business that perfectly marries her professional expertise as an educator and problemsolver with a personal commitment to health and wellness of the body and mind – beginning with a simplified, organized life.

Brenda is also in various forms of media, whether writing her Organizing eNewsletters, contributing to a variety of publications or appearing as the Dream Team Organization Editor for the FOX show MORE! on KVVU FOX 5 Las Vegas.

People make statements about their current state of organization and apologize; they say they are embarrassed or are in such overwhelm it paralyzes them. You get to leave all of that behind when we create a plan because the more you focus on your current dissatisfaction, the longer you will stay there.

As a professional organizer, trainer and consultant... Brenda regularly consults with businesses and corporations to implement more profitable work strategies and achieve greater work/life balance through streamlined systems. She also works with individuals and families who want to simply their lives to gain more control over daily activities and create more time to pursue their passions. As an author and speaker...she draws upon the wisdom of her experiences as a trainer, consultant and educator. Brenda is the author of several organizing books—all of which are essential reading for being more organized, more effective and creating results