Darren LaCroix

Better Stories, Better Business

Everyone wants an advantage over competitors. Once you learn to properly construct and consistently convey powerful stories, you’ve built trust, one of the most universally coveted assets among business leaders. So, be the authority in your industry, be the driver of change through your business presentations.

Darren will share his proven techniques to help executives from Wells Fargo to European giant, Luxoft. Powerful storytelling can be a key differentiator in the marketplace. Wow the crowd and advance your professional reputation.
These little known, world-class insights, delivered in an unforgettable way, will enable you to connect quickly and deeply. Mere facts and figures on slides will never influence like the power of consistently well-told stories.
You will Learn:
• Why Stories Matter in Business Communication
• 5 Essentials to an Unforgettable Story
• Storytelling Secrets Most Executives Don’t Use
• How to Apply These Ideas in Your Industry