Maureen Zappala

Imposter Syndrome

Maureen Zappala is an award-winning speaker, author and founder of High Altitude Strategies. Her past professional life includes almost 14 years as a NASA propulsion research engineer (aka “rocket scientist”). Today she works with high-performers to overcome the “Impostor Syndrome,” the secret self-doubt. It’s the single most significant roadblock to you reaching your true potential. This secret self-doubt causes talented people (especially women) to second-guess their abilities and live with an anxious, isolated overwhelm.

In this session, you will:
• Understand the causes and symptoms of the Impostor Syndrome.
• Learn the 3 steps to turn your thoughts from pitiful to powerful.
• Explore how connecting with peers can diffuse your fraud feelings.
• Learn a simple (but often overlooked) technique that will instantly match your confidence to your competence so you can unleash your influence.